Elinor Sela

Eleanor Sela is a screenwriter, actress and producer. She created and wrote the feature film ‘Seven Blessings,’ which won 10 Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Film and Best Screenplay. It was chosen by the Israeli film critics society as the best Israeli film of 2023 and has also been selected as Israelโ€™s entry to the 2024 Oscars. Eleanor acted in one of the leading roles in the film. She created the successful stand-up show ‘A Thousand Faces, One Truth’ โ€“ an artistic stand-up startup with customized writing. Each show is a one-off, and Eleanor has performed it in Israel and abroad for over a decade in front of the largest commercial bodies in Israel. Additionally, Eleanor has written, directed, and produced video content for numerous companies. Her book ‘From a Life of Permission to a Life of Inspiration’ was published in 2021 and became a bestseller.