The Art of Waiting  בשורות טובות

Philadelphia Film Center
1412 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Sunday, March 8, 2020, 7:00 pm

General Admission $15, Senior $13, Student $6

The Art of Waiting focuses on the story of Lior (Roy Assaf, "Wounded Land", "God's Neighbours") and Tal (Nelly Tagar, "Past Life", "Zero Motivation"), a young-ish couple who are having trouble conceiving. While they are willing to start down the long and difficult road of fertility treatments together, they begin to find the world around them is a lot less understanding. From the pressure of family to the judgment of friends, Erez Tadmor’s touching film will make you ask if Lior and Tal’s love strong enough to overcome it all.

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Country: Israel
Release Date: 2019
Time: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Language: Hebrew with English substitles
Director: Erez Tadmor
Nominated for 4 awards, including Best Director, Best actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Editing, Israel Academy Awards, Won Best Editing, Haifa Film Festival