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Saturday, March 7, 2009, 8:00 pm
Set in 1980, "Lost Islands", an autobiographical film about a family with five children, was the biggest box office success in Israel in 2008. The story revolves around twin brothers, Erez (Michael Moshonov) and Ofer (Oshri Cohen). Their father, Mr. Levi (Shmil Ben Ari), constantly stresses to the boys the importance of fulfilling loyalty. When the boys both fall in love with the same girl (Yuval Scharf), the ideals instills in them by their parents clash and they are forced to decide between family loyalty and love. When Erez attempts to escape the troubles at home by enrolling in the army, he undergoes life-changing events, which force him to mature and recognize that he must choose between pursuing his dreams and being faithful to his family.
Country: Israel
Release Date: 2008
Time: 110 minutes
Genre: Drama
Language: Hebrew with English subtitles
Director: Reshef Levy
Topics: Family, Father-Child Relationship, Love
Winner of 2008 Israeli Film Academy Awards for best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Costume Design and Best Music