The Pianist from Ramallah  הפסנתרן מרמאללה

Virtual Screening
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A gifted pianist, Muhammad “Misha” Alsheikh, struggles to follow his dreams of becoming big. The talented teenage musician’s early life consists of countless auditions and 3-hour commutes to piano class. Throughout his journey, Muhammad encounters a series of setbacks and characters that shape his life and view of the world. Yet, he remains determined to go down as one of the greatest pianists of all time. Even though his father insists that he becomes a doctor, Muhammad lives a legendary life and never throws away his mission to stay true to himself.
Country: Israel
Release Date: 202
Time: 61 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Language: Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian, with English subtitles
Director: Avida Livny
Topics: Arab Israelis, Music, Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Winner, Best Documentary, Montreal Israeli Film Festival 2021