The Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia is experimenting with an informal book exchange.


Q: How does it work?

A: At the next screening, bring with you an Israeli or Israel-related book that you don’t need and that you think others will find interesting.  We’ll put out a table with the books that everyone brought.  If a book piques your interest, take it – it’s yours.


Q: What books should I bring?

A: Books written by Israeli authors, books written in Hebrew, or books with ties to Israel.


Q: I took a book from the collection.  Do I need to return it?

A: No.  We don’t keep track of who took what.  Hopefully, you’ll share the book with others once you’re done reading it.  But it’s your choice.


Q: What happens to the books that nobody picks up?

A: The Philadelphia Israeli-American Council (IAC) is creating a library of Israeli books.  They’ll pick up any books left for their library.


Q: How many books can I take with me?

A: As many as you think you’ll enjoy.


Q: I don’t have any books to contribute.  Can I still take books that others brought?

A: Yes.  If you like a book, take it.  It’s yours.


Q: Any money involved?

A: No.  The goal isn’t to make profit, but to share good books.