The Israeli Film Festival is made possible thanks to generous donations from our sponsors and supporters.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude to their continuous support.

Aviva and Paul Silberberg
Juliet Spitzer and Phil Wachs
Dveera Segal and Bradley Bridge
Mindy and Shlomo Chriqui
Edna and Arie Cohen
Dalia and Yerach Daskal
Hava and Zvika Grunwald
Iris and Igal Hami
Ella and Joel Kuznits

Naomi Prusky and Rabbi David Levin
Harriet Potashnick and Marshall Levine

Caryn and Jon Liss
Tali Lev and Ami Miron
Constance Smukler
Cindy Smukler Ben Hamo and Ohad Ben Hamo
Ronit and Howard Treatman
Nurit and Amir Yaron

Karnit and Yoel Biran
Cindy and Matthew Hirsch
Ilana and Ben Israel
Ingrid and David Kaplan
Ariele Z. and Steven Klausner
Edith Klausner
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Muravchick
Maya and Tal Rosenberg
Carol and Stephen Shore
Barbara Epstein Sivan
Leila and Marvin Verman
Carl and Pecki Witonsky

Susanna Lachs Adler and Dean Adler
Ruth and Robert Anolik
Nicole and Yaron Aroshas
Janet Walkow and Irl Barg
Sari and Haim Baron
Reut and Ran Baror
Evalyn and Stephen Barson
Sharon Pollak and Fred Baurer
Gwen Borowsky and David Camp
Barbara and Marc Cooper
Cecily and Warren Carel
Debby and Joe Foster
Diti Wolfstein and Edo Ginsburg
Ed and Barbara Glickman
Irene and Joel Glickman
Susan and Sherwood Goldberg
Marlene and Joel Goldwein
Jacqueline and Jonathan Gomberg
Sharon and Juan Grunwald
Ilana and Allon Guez
Esther and Bob Hornik
Mindy and Jay Horrow
Eliezer Katz
Bonnie Kaye
Pnina and Sagi Kuznits
Ruthie Levikoff
Michelle and Les Littman
Jackie and Eric Maller
Ofra and Marek Milbar
Randy Myer
Amy and Amir Pelleg
Rachel and Moshe Porat
Audrey and Steven Ratner
Osnat and Hanoch Reichert
Joyce and Edwin Rosenberg
Marcia Bronstein and Eric Salmonsohn
Dana and Michael Saewitz
Iris and Eddie Segel
Patty and Stephen Segal
Yochi and Zev Shaposhnick
Roberta and Avi Shaked
Carol Schwartz Gallery and Elliot Schwartz
Roseanne and Zvika Shmulevitch
Felicia and Colin Stern
Ody and Gabi Szulanski
Idit and Martin Trope
Karen and Cantor Eliot Vogel
Susan Yefet