Between Worlds
בין העולמות

Admission: General $15, Senior $13, Student $6

Sunday, March 19, 2017, 7:00 pm

Bina, a religious woman from Jerusalem, arrives at the hospital panic-stricken after her son Ulli was severely injured in a stabbing attack. This is the first time she has seen him since he became secular and lost contact with his family. Her husband, Meir arrives later only because their daughter Ester’s insisted. At the hospital, Bina meets Amal. While Meir searches for answers and ways to revive Ulli, the two despondent women begin to bond. However, Amal has a secret. She is hiding the fact that she is Palestinian from Bina and Meir, and refraining from telling them that she is their son’s lover.
While waiting for Ulli to awaken, they all learn about truth, faith, empathy, acceptance, and love that can and maybe should replace the fear of the unknown.
Screening Location
The Ritz East
125 South Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Movie Info
Israel, 2016, 84 minutes
Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles
Miya Hatav