A Borrowed Identity
ערבים רוקדים

Sunday, March 29, 2015, 7:00 pm

Set in the late 1980’s, Eyad, a young Arab, tries to fit in with his Jewish classmates in a prestigious Jerusalem boarding school. He’s isolated until the lovable Naomi and the wheelchair-bound Yonatan befriend him. While Yonatan’s family embraces Eyad, Naomi’s family is not so accepting, especially once their relationship becomes romantic. With Saddam Hussein’s scud missiles looming in the background, this powerful work makes a timely plea for coexistence. Based on the acclaimed novel “Dancing Arabs”, A Borrowed Identity is the newest film from the director of Syrian Bride (2004), The Lemon Tree (2008), and The Human Resource Manager (2010).

Screening Location
The Ritz East
125 South Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106Guest speaker: Eran Riklis, director
Movie Info
Israel, 2014, 104 minutes
Hebrew, Arabic with English subtitles
Eran Riklis
Israeli Academy Award Nominations: Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Art Direction, Best Sound